Bobi Cat 5 is released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobi cat#5 has been released with a new listing called Petrocommerc and Rate Capital as new members to Ozbizinfo discussion group, the catalogue has some great working from home ideas as well as new technology, all you do is open it up in a word doc and click on the hyperlinks and use it , all you have to do is send me an email requesting a copy and I can send it to you in a reply email. Simply go to my homepage

Bobi Cat 4 is Released!!!!!!!

My fourth e-catalouge publication has been created, I hope some people find this interesting, by being part of internet groups I find some really interesting ideas I would like to share on how you can run a business from home and work off the internet, the catalogue has been created in a word document and can be viewed at my Yahoo discussion group, see below for hyperlinks, tell me what you think?