Blog me your thoughts!!!

23 January 2008
I am currently looking for people to give me their thoughts & ideas on any of the business opportunities found in the Basicozbizinfo Catalogue, to open the catalogue, simply visit & go to the Latest Catalogue page! If you are a person who promotes products on the web then this is for you, just to give you a further idea I have pasted below my recent Letter from the Editor!Smile
This month in Basicozbizinfo 2 new categories, Webmasters & Other Investment Opportunities have been added with 12 new links since last
Editors Letter. I have noticed that Basicozbizinfo is becoming more of a Webmasters & Sales Affiliate Catalogue, a resource for those wanting to promote particular products on the web for companies or for their own product, looking for people to help them. To those who email me or I chat with on Yahoo Instant Messenger, I find I often say that it is important, that if you wish to be an internet marketer not to limit yourself to just one product, aim for whole range of different things, that’s where basicozbizinfo is in its element, sure there are lot of Basic business marketing sites but there are also links that promote things such as energy drinks, Computer games, even handicrafts, the main message is DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF!!!
Look forward to hearing from you & Have a good 2008 Star
LiamEditor & Owner of Basicozbizinfo