March & April 09 Catalogues

 “Opportunities never go away, they simply go to someone else“ that’s the best quote I have heard this year. There are 16 fresh new listings, check out Sharon‘s link Lazy Project boy in Webmasters category with some great referral opportunities connected to great products to promote. Look likes everybody is Twittering including web marketers make sure to visit Meet the People category & click on twitter cash. I would like to mention my new friends on Yahoo 360, Money79 & Kazzamoney, they offer some great business opportunities on their blog sites, simply visit This way to bizz opp & Lets find someone categories. Well that sums up this issue, I apologise for the delay, just remember opportunities never go away, they simply move on. Dont forget if you wish to discuss any of the business opportunities you see, you can Blog me, send me an email or chat with me on Yahoo Instant Messenger. For more details check out the Basicozbizinfo website below!

Look forward to doing business with you!


(Editor of Basic Oz Biz Info)