Autum Edition 2009

Autumn in Australia is here, usually my busiest time of year, this month I have come across some of the most amazing business opportunities, first one that grabs my attention is Amega Bio-Energetic products by Gerry in Indonesia, I met Gerry in Grouply, I checked out his products on his website, it is truly something unique, visit the Want to make $$$$ category, also I noticed Laura’s extendyourlifewealth website , a brand new energy drink on the market, check out Promotion with a Capital P. As Web Marketers we usually promote more than one product, Viral URL protects your affiliate links from cloaking & you can also track them, to find out more visit Kylie’s Viral URL site in Something New. Well that’s all for now, dont forget if you wish to discuss any of the business opportunities you see, you can Blog me, send me an email or chat with me on Yahoo Instant Messenger. For more details check out the Basicozbizinfo website below!

Look forward to doing business with you!

Liam(Editor of Basic Oz Biz Info)