Basicozbizinfo goes weekly

LETS DO IT WEEKLY This month as well as meeting many great friends on Ning, I have had over 28 business opportunities given to me this month alone. From this issue onwards Basicozbizinfo will be published weekly as well as the THANK YOU Newsletter.
Special mention needs to be given to Diana in Baltimore, Diana operates Blogtalkradio, this fantastic online radio gives great music as well as good business advice & comedy features, check out Catalogue 3(Something Special), I know I already mentioned Diana in THANK YOU last week, but after downloading it, needs mentioning twice. Larry gave me some fantastic brand new business ventures this week need to check out the new editions in Catalogue 4. Make sure to go through all the catalogues to make the most of your search for the business opportunity that suits you.

Well that’s all for now, dont forget if you wish to discuss any of the business opportunities you see, you can Blog me, send me an email or chat with me on Yahoo Instant Messenger. For more details check out the Basicozbizinfo website below.


Editor of Basicozbizinfo

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