Basicozbizinfo Editors Weekly Blog 06/06/10

SHOPPING WITH SUCCESS is this weeks theme on Basicozbizinfo. This weeks winner and long term friend of Basicozbizinfo is Derek Semple from Yahoo who introduced me to his shopping genie , check out Catalogue 2(Satisfaction Guaranteed) and Catalogue 3(Make $$$$ In Your PJ). This week also brought in some new friends on Ning & Multiply, ever thought of promoting property in the Philippines, visit Catalogue 4(No Pain No Gain). Eight more websites were listed this week, please visit the following, Catalogue 1(Like A Challenge, Internet Marketing, Web Hits), Catalogue 2(Lead The Way, Im In Control), Catalogue 3(Wow Wow Wow, Promotion With A Capital P) and finally Catalogue 4(Successville). Click on the last links in the category, well thats all from me, till next week.

For more details check out the Basicozbizinfo website below!

Thanks again & have a great day!


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