Basicozbizinfo 2012 A New Begining

G’day Everybody

I hope you had a great time over the new year and christmas break. Basicozbizinfo will be back in swing next week with a whole new begining, Basicozbizinfo recieves a lot of business opportunities, as I am a one man show this can get pretty stressful keeping up with it all, as well working a sales job in the city. So I have decided to cut down on stress without quality, how to do this, quite simply Basicozbizinfo has a range of networks not only yahoo and google but social networking sites such as ning. As a lot of these networks can look after themselves, to make things easier I have prioritised, business opportunities displayed on the catalogues will now only come from twitter, if you need to either have me follow you or you follow me on twitter and then it is these links that will find their way in the catalogues – the link is!/Ljb2Liam .

A lot of the networks on Basicozbizinfo can promote themselves without the catalogue, which is great, less pressure off me and more ways for Basicozbizinfo to promote your business opportunity and I can concentrate on a better catalogue/s.

Well thats all I wanted to say, many thanks for your support, those who have been checking my updates will kinda know I have been leading upto this, one more thing, make sure to check out the Basicozbizinfo youtube playlist, make sure to play all and sit back, you will really get something out of it and it is quite entertaining, especially the videos from straightalk wealth.

Look after yourself, follow me on twitter and together we will find our electric dreams.



  1. Thank you Liam for your wise words as they have helped me put things into a better perspective. I have been working very hard throughout the past few months on issues between my freelance business and the small business blog; both are keeping me busy. So I’m doing every thing I can to stay above water, no pun intended. Your thoughts did make me think a bit more on how to regather things and put the more important needs into a better task formation. I did add you onto my twitter account which is the beginning of my email, feel free to follow me at your leisure. =) I would greatly appreciate any positive thoughts you can share or express on how i can better define my blog site. Thanks again, have a fabulous week! -Sue


    1. G’day Sue, thanks for dropping by and giving me your thoughts,my apologies for the delay of my resonse, anything that Basicozbizinfo can do to help you and your business is always on the table. Anytime you want to arrange a skype to skype free call or chat on yahoo instant messenger feel free, my details are on the Basicozbizinfo homepage


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