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Welcome Back Basicozbizinfo from a big long break! Those who read my last blog on WordPress would know that I have taken a detour, like I promised, Basicozbizinfo is going to be so much better than previously. To start with a lot of the business opportunities were out of date and time for Basicozbizinfo’s fantastic membership to start the creating the catalogues themselves, therefore you will notice that there are only 8 business opportunities, 2 in each catalogue to make plenty room for more brand new business opportunities to be filled by Free Listing Members or Membership, click on the website below to find out which suits you best. Give your website more exposure

You will notice the Catalogues have new names instead of 1234. FAITH, FREEDOM, OPPORTUNITY & WISDOM. By giving the Basicozbizinfo Catalogues names this enhances their power and meaning, Basicozbizinfo is becoming more than a catalogue it’s a network of great individuals promoting opportunity and helping people throughout the world get a LIFE.

Helping people get a life by visiting links in the Basicozbizinfo Catalogue, reading the website, networking with others in the Basicozbizinfo Networks even watching inspirational videos on Basicozbizinfo YouTube Playlist all helps individuals get a life with EMPATHY.

EMPATHY is the name of the new Basicozbizinfo Newsletter, previously called Thank You. Empathy gives a nice summary of what’s happed since the last update in Basicozbizinfo.

UPDATE of the catalogues have changed regarding timeframe, Basicozbizinfo use to be once a fortnight to recently monthly, this will no longer be the case. Basicozbizinfo no longer has a timeframe, the catalogues will be simply updated at members discretion or if I find some really interesting links and time permitting will add them to the catalogue, this is better because the catalogue won’t get congested for the sake of it and keep its importance.

LATEST: While finding business opportunities to post to the catalogues I saw two videos one from LinkedIn Marketing in Basicozbizinfo Stars doing a brilliant job of promoting his video series of how to maximize use out of LinkedIn for serious results, I currently have a LinkedIn page, however it is pretty dormant, as I am having so much success on twitter, but definitely something to consider in the future. The second video showed this young man using click cash to create sales while touring the USA, this was posted by Evageline Seldon in Basicozbizinfo Stars.

To visit the Basicozbizinfo stars and view the latest catalogues FAITH, FREEDOM, OPPORTUNITY & WISDOM simply visit

Click on the first links in the category, well that’s all from me, till next time.

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