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Of course you are! Basicozbizinfo has reached over 120 listings and over 25 this update alone all whom follow empathy in business. To give a taste what is featured in this update, lets start with one of the winners of the update Hailey Rose Barrett, Hailey overcome a life of abuse & violence or as I like to call it being a victim of limited or no empathy and I’m sure Hailey has her own outlook. It takes great entrepreneurial ability to write your own biography, check out Hailey’s website in Faith Catalogue in Tell Me your story category. The response I have had this update has been brillant with so many opportunities ranging from Promoting Feeling better, Blogging Debate platform, Photo sharing, Dating, Holidays & unique gardening products, check out Brandi(2nd Update Winner) Gardenuity site in the Wisdom catalogue, This way to biz op category this is all just to name but a few.There are so many other great new business opportunities and below are the catalogues and categories that have been updated, browse and enjoy 🙂

FAITH Category: Biz Promotion Stories-Steer your biz in the right direction-Biz on the run-Biz Neighbourhood-Biz Monthly Surprise-Tell Me Your Story
-Tomorrows Business-Get The Good News.
FREEDOM Category: Affiliate & Sales-Ground Floor Business Opportunities-Business Opportunity-Network Marketing-Editor’s Choice-Advertising-Earning from traffic exchanges.
OPPORTUNITY Category: List My Biz-Do It For You-Sel Sell Sell-Walk Right In and Sit Right Down-I See Biz and More Biz-Lets Build Together-Pick of the Month.
WISDOM Category: This way to Biz Op-This is my Fantastic Site-Make $$$$ in your Pj’s-Promotion with a capital P-Lets get started straight away-More Biz-Lets build networks.

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This update’s charity is Supporting children with Heart disease and their families- Please donate.
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