Do you believe in an Opportunity that is new and leaps into a difference?


Hmm! Don’t answer straight away, however Basicozbizinfo has taken such a leap this update with everything from brand new startups such as Taxtwerk(Online bookeeping & accounting) in the Wisdom catalogue – Just Me category, this new business is created by Ruth Noel, this update’s winner. Branding, creating your legacy for your business, check out the “There is no sky” website in Opportunity catalogue – I’m in control category, this is great for businees who need to establish themselves in the world wide web. There is way too much to mention in a single blog, you will have to go through the categories in each of the catalogues, to make it easier I have outlined the updated ones below. Don’t forget, there are so many other great new business opportunities listed & read the latest Empathy Newsletter.

FAITH Category: By Myself – Lets Go Biz – Lookout – Todays Income for Tommorrow – No Standing
FREEDOM Category: Nice and Easy – Commission Gurus – No Start Up Capital – Your The Boss – Multi Level Marketing
OPPORTUNITY Category: A Little More Action – The Real Deal – Satisfaction Guarunteed – I’m in Control -Climb The Ladder
WISDOM Category: Something Special – Life In The Fast Lane – Is This The Real Deal – Total Satisfaction – Just Me

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This update’s charity is Supporting children with illness, making wishes come true and this update winner is Ruth Noel, she recieves an extra 2 FREE Banner Ads for her website when she UPGRADES, simply read the latest EMPATHY newsletter at

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Liam Jenkinson

Editor & Owner of Basicozbizinfo – (admin)
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Basicozbizinfo – How it works

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G’day Everybody

Basicozbizinfo prides itself on being unique. There are lots of opportunities out there that get swamped in directories and other websites and get thrown around the internet like a dice on a gamblers wheel as opposed to connecting with people and allow a more calm & collective approach to choosing your opportunity or simply a business that helps other businesses.

With over a 350 listings and counting, all broken into 4 unique catalogues and unique categories makes choosing your opportunity, product or service more personable. Not only this but by using social media as the main communication tool brings it altogether in a great inclusive balance.


Banner ad, Bolded website in the category of your choosing can change the perception of the reader to consider it to be more important & create a favorable attitude toward the ad due to repeated exposure to the good things you have to offer.



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