Do you have the courage to be who you are?

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This is the message of the Update Winner, Paula, Krista & Tarabeth who make up the Be Who You Are Team, creating an album for children to promote self confidence, so kids can be comfortable with who they really are, truly a great crowdfunding venture, check out Wisdom Catalogue, the No Wannabes category. Over 20+ brand new opportunities are listed in this update ranging from Weight Loss,Communication providers,Spitruality,Books,Tea and Business tools just to name a few. I have outlined the updated catalogues with categories below. Don’t forget, there are so many other great new business opportunities listed & read the latest Empathy Newsletter.

FAITH Category: Successville, No Pain No Gain, Home&Away, Biz Maniac, Glowing, Stars of Biz.
FREEDOM Category: Something New, Want to Make $$$$, With a Passion, Web Hits, Like a Challenge, Work From Home.
OPPORTUNITY Category: Tired of Talking, Lets Do It, Make it Happen, Business School, No Miracles Here, Do it from home.
WISDOM Category: At Home, Im on my way, Time2Listen, Income Now, Tired of waiting, Success School, No wannabes.

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