Do you do want tomorrow to be better than today?


Hump Day Post

Edition 6

I think its fair to say if your developing or managing your own business venture, that the answer would be YES! “Life is a journey on a long winding road” some would complain, however why is a long winding road a bad thing, imagine if it was a straight road that literally went for miles with no end, you would most likely be bored, frustrated with a lack of interest and belive there is no other viewpoint and be uninspired.

Winding roads are there to remind us that we when we start out it isn’t going to be that simple and you will take different turns to find out which way works best to help you reach your goal.

The question to ask yourself is, have you and your business improved in one form or another? For example, have you gained more followers or more followers that would help improve your business and help it grow or is your website now easier to read and understand and has more interesting subject matter etc.

If so, then that’s your reason to keep persisting, to this day Bill Gates is still improving his business mind and it hasn’t stopped and he has already achieved financial freedom, so I would say that winding roads don’t stop they are here to stay and so is your quest to make tomorrow better than today.

Check out Bill & Melinda Gates video on the Basicozbizinfo YouTube Empathy Inspiration Playlist(Click Basicozbizinfo link below)

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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Do you have the Personal Touch?

Use Car Salesman

Hump Day Post

Edition 5

Some would argue that opportunities online are impersonal, offering you the world with cheesy slogans – Financial Freedom – work from home – Spend more time with Family etc. In part I would agree, but is this because the opportunity is no good or poorly communicated and comes across like a used car salesman with the striped bow tie.

To give the personal touch when it comes to online opportunities, communication is the key, this is what the internet was created for, so we could communicate a vast amount of information instantly. One on One is still and possibly always will be a slow process but a rewarding one, a lot of businesses foolishly invest a lot of money on mass marketing for a hit and more times than often resulting in a miss.

Taking the time to do one on one especially in the online world as you can communicate with a whole range of people simultaneously means you hit the two birds with one stone, you have the opportunity to empathize with the person your opportunity or business can help and by having that personal touch, you get something else familiarity, loyalty and trust, the key of course is to maintain that.

We don’t do empathy in business perfectly every time, but when you make the effort the rewards can be beneficial even if it means less chaos and debt for you. I think that’s a good thing!

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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Entrepreneurship! Is it You?

running businessman

Hump Day Post

Edition 4

Good questions deserve good answers. The truth of the matter is none of us know until we start and actually do it, just like a great swimmer didn’t know how good they were until they dove in the water and gave it a go. It’s true that support and empathy from others helps in your everyday life, but nobody is doing what you are doing at the same time and we don’t always do empathy perfectly.

From my experience the first thing you need to accept is that the business idea in question is your responsibility, its yours and only you know how to look after it and make it grow. The second thing is understand the personal obstacles in your own life that delay you from getting your goal, your health, personal finances and responsibilities. If you work and develop a business like I do, this can make things difficult, not because because capital isn’t readily available, and possibly
wouldn’t be wise anyway, time can be a problem, you might just need to learn spend more time getting the message out, I find the more time you spend on building your business, the better it is and I never stop learning.

Go easy on yourself, having capital to make our dreams come true is always a struggle for a lot of us and not realistic, majority of businesses fail in the first year, so to get an investment regardless of whether you need to pay it back or not(usually you do) isn’t the solution. Be honest with yourself, have you spent enough time to promote your message to the right people. Is it work or health etc that is holding you back to find that time needed, if so, find the solution, we always do.

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Take care and keep the faith 🙂


Come home to a smart home!

Smart Home

Hump Day Post

Edition 3

On the PBS YouTube channel I watched a segment on the CSE(Consumer Electronic Expo). Great gadgets were displayed, but one theme that caught my eye, was the smart home features, truly amazing. The smart kitchen came up with ideas I wouldn’t even consider, such as a stovetop that knows what you are cooking and adjusts the temperature to suit and even a projector display behind the stove can you chat with somebody on Skype and share recepies, tips etc.

However there was one aspect that I saw was missing, however I am sure it would be included. Remote control lights, windows and doors! One of the most annoying things before you go to bed and are already exhausted and tired is to turn off all the lights, make sure everything is secure. To simply go to bed when you feel like it and
do all of the above from your smart phone would be heaven, adjust your air con, turn on your washing machine, while your loading the dishwasher just to name a couple of things, however the best thing would be your own personal robot to do all of your housework and control the robot from your smart phone, now that’s smart!

To making our lives easier!

Cheers 🙂


Links and Opportunities 2015

Forest Walkway

Basicozbizinfo originally set out to be a catalogue of web marketing opportunities and it certainly still is, however I found an interest from great people who simply have inspirational businesses and their websites are fascinating, some are listed in this update. New years resolution for 2015 will be to expand Basicozbizinfo to be an inspiration to those who believe in Empathy in business regardless of an opportunity to promote or not. You will note a change on the homepage “Basicozbizinfo is four FREE unique catalogues of inspirational web business links and opportunities”. I have outlined the updated catalogues with categories below. Don’t forget, there are so many other great new business opportunities and inspirational links listed & read the latest Empathy Newsletter.

FAITH Category: Beyond Now and Simply Good Idea.
FREEDOM Category: General Marketing, With A Passion, Unique Affiliate Websites.
OPPORTUNITY Category: General Business, Freshies, Action Action Action.
WISDOM Category: Biz & More Biz and Outstanding.

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