Come home to a smart home!

Smart Home

Hump Day Post

Edition 3

On the PBS YouTube channel I watched a segment on the CSE(Consumer Electronic Expo). Great gadgets were displayed, but one theme that caught my eye, was the smart home features, truly amazing. The smart kitchen came up with ideas I wouldn’t even consider, such as a stovetop that knows what you are cooking and adjusts the temperature to suit and even a projector display behind the stove can you chat with somebody on Skype and share recepies, tips etc.

However there was one aspect that I saw was missing, however I am sure it would be included. Remote control lights, windows and doors! One of the most annoying things before you go to bed and are already exhausted and tired is to turn off all the lights, make sure everything is secure. To simply go to bed when you feel like it and
do all of the above from your smart phone would be heaven, adjust your air con, turn on your washing machine, while your loading the dishwasher just to name a couple of things, however the best thing would be your own personal robot to do all of your housework and control the robot from your smart phone, now that’s smart!

To making our lives easier!

Cheers 🙂


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