Entrepreneurship! Is it You?

running businessman

Hump Day Post

Edition 4

Good questions deserve good answers. The truth of the matter is none of us know until we start and actually do it, just like a great swimmer didn’t know how good they were until they dove in the water and gave it a go. It’s true that support and empathy from others helps in your everyday life, but nobody is doing what you are doing at the same time and we don’t always do empathy perfectly.

From my experience the first thing you need to accept is that the business idea in question is your responsibility, its yours and only you know how to look after it and make it grow. The second thing is understand the personal obstacles in your own life that delay you from getting your goal, your health, personal finances and responsibilities. If you work and develop a business like I do, this can make things difficult, not because because capital isn’t readily available, and possibly
wouldn’t be wise anyway, time can be a problem, you might just need to learn spend more time getting the message out, I find the more time you spend on building your business, the better it is and I never stop learning.

Go easy on yourself, having capital to make our dreams come true is always a struggle for a lot of us and not realistic, majority of businesses fail in the first year, so to get an investment regardless of whether you need to pay it back or not(usually you do) isn’t the solution. Be honest with yourself, have you spent enough time to promote your message to the right people. Is it work or health etc that is holding you back to find that time needed, if so, find the solution, we always do.

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Take care and keep the faith 🙂


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