Do you have the Personal Touch?

Use Car Salesman

Hump Day Post

Edition 5

Some would argue that opportunities online are impersonal, offering you the world with cheesy slogans – Financial Freedom – work from home – Spend more time with Family etc. In part I would agree, but is this because the opportunity is no good or poorly communicated and comes across like a used car salesman with the striped bow tie.

To give the personal touch when it comes to online opportunities, communication is the key, this is what the internet was created for, so we could communicate a vast amount of information instantly. One on One is still and possibly always will be a slow process but a rewarding one, a lot of businesses foolishly invest a lot of money on mass marketing for a hit and more times than often resulting in a miss.

Taking the time to do one on one especially in the online world as you can communicate with a whole range of people simultaneously means you hit the two birds with one stone, you have the opportunity to empathize with the person your opportunity or business can help and by having that personal touch, you get something else familiarity, loyalty and trust, the key of course is to maintain that.

We don’t do empathy in business perfectly every time, but when you make the effort the rewards can be beneficial even if it means less chaos and debt for you. I think that’s a good thing!

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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