Dismissing Timewasters


Hump Day Post

Edition 9

Time is money, money is time, empathy is everything. This is my motto when it comes to timewasters, in the world of business, we are always running into people with their own agendas, or their own interpretations of what we do or offer and we need to continuously remind them of what we are about, however what do we do with the people who waste our precious time with silly questions or show interest and then never hear from them again.

We usually compalin or curse or if you are really vengeful seek out to waste their time. I have another thought, I came across a tweet from Witty Parrot – “The word NO is every salesteam’s biggest nightmare. But that doesn’t mean the end of the road for that opportunity” what is the underlying meaning of that, one could say that it means you need to be more persistant in reaching more people to get to your YES or perhaps could it mean we need to approach our message more directly, maybe the person we are talking too isn’t wasting our time but waiting for us to tell them something they want to hear.

When people go to a stadium to watch their team play at a match, they all have ther own interpretation of how that game went. An obvious example would be that the winning team would think the game went great where as the losing team thought it was awful, however you have also people who may say the reason for the teams perfomance is due to poor conditions or perhaps the lead player wasn’t well, another may say that their team is highly skilled and train hard, thats the reason for their success.

Either way its their outlook that decides their response. I think it is our job as business people, entreprenuers, affiliate marketers, Sales people and so forth to discover their outlook and and see if what we offer matches their outlook and of course benefits them in someway, like when we use our empathy, hence there is no timewaster just people who didn’t get our message.

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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