What is our priority? Empathy or Profit.

Empathy Power

Hump Day Post

Edition 13

Those who follow the Basicozbizinfo catalogues would know that the website promotes empathy in business with the YouTube videos and the Empathy newsletter, blog, quotes on my social networks etc. However when it comes to most businesses what is more important profit or empathy.

Most would say profit, without profit you have no business or future plans for it, this of course is true, however on the other hand can you actually promote a product without empathy, without reasoning or addressing your customer’s needs or wants.

Would Google make a profit if it didn’t allow consumers to search for the things they need, or communicate with one another on Google plus or provide email. I believe the answer would be a no. Is there a business that has made a profit without empathy, reasoning or addressing a market’s needs or wants, I think you would be flat out finding one.

Therefore what is the answer, empathy is the priority, without it there is no profit. Having said that you can’t expect empathy to work like a magic wand all on it’s own, you need to work hard to promote empathy, to get the message out to those who need and want what you can offer.

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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