Upgrade Your World

Taking the next level

I realized EMPATHY TV had been neglected for a little while and I hadn’t added any interesting videos. Looking for inspiration I decided to have a look at some videos that I had liked with the thumbs up. The first one I noticed I had added some time ago and is still in there and that is superheroes by The Script, such an amazing video and song about a father who collects rubbish for a living and goes to work in a suit and tie so not shame his daughter, another one and I hadn’t added was by Oprah, a show she did a few years ago but still very relevant.

A lady said she had a light bulb moment about something that always stayed in her mind and that was her Dad had told her quite bluntly “Your’e getting fat aren’t you?” Not a very helpful and considerate question. Oprah replied “In situations like this and conflict I always ask myself “What does this mean?” “What is this situation trying to tell us?” By doing this we can make steps to improve our lives instead of dwelling on the negative commentary of another.

Another word for improvement is upgrade, another video I liked and added to the playlist was a cute little video from Windows 10, showing how we can upgrade our world including those in developing countries and shows how the latest windows software helps in their everyday lives like beginning businesses, getting water, making infrastructure, truly fantastic. I think we can all learn how to upgrade our worlds and the worlds of others.

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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