Are you a Miracle Rise?


Every update I look at the websites been submitted and the amazing tweets and posts from my social media following and always find a theme.

One of the first websites I received is an e book of self-discovery “The Me I Never Was” by Francine C.S Hicks, check out her book in the WISDOM catalogue/Biz and more Biz category on the same note one of the last websites submitted was another personal inspirational journey of battling Lupus disease by Julie Hanft, check out her Amazon Page by clicking the google link in the OPPORTUNITY catalogue/No Miracles Here category.

This update’s winner is Mevonnie who submitted 2 fantastic websites where you can earn commissions on various opportunities and her My Miracle Plant Aloe Vera Blog, check out the FAITH and FREEDOM catalogues. A big thank you to last updates winner Patricia Freudenberg who UPGRADED and won 2 FREE Banner Ads. Don’t forget to check out the other 250 plus listings of great opportunities and inspiration, also open the latest Empathy Newsletter.

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WISDOM Category: Biz and More Biz

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