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Ever had that feeling where you just need to change something, well that’s exactly how I feel with this update, such a diverse collection of fresh and new websites, starting with this update’s winner Brian Winch who has a great environmentally friendly opportunity with Cleanlots, check out the Opportunity catalogue/Programmes, Dollars and Cents category. Discover a range of affiliate and network marketing opportunities in the Faith catalogue/Stars of Biz with Vincent’s All Solutions link. A couple of familiar faces also reappear this update with Patricia’s MissUGram “Everyone wants to be remembered” in the Faith Catalogue/Glowing category, check out her new website. Kristie and Trina are going to enlighten us again this update with their fantastic website in the Wisdom catalogue/Time2Listen category, you may have seen me share a few of their posts in Google plus, allow yourself to enlightened. Don’t forget to check out the other 330 plus listings of great opportunities and inspiration, below is a list of the categories that have been updated.

FAITH Category: Stars of Biz and Glowing
FREEDOM Category: Newbies
OPPORTUNITY Category: Programmes, Dollars & Cents
WISDOM Category: Time2Listen

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