Another Chance – Special Update

Another Chance

This update I decided to do something special by featuring some of the unique websites that compliment the catalogues and help bring it all together. MissuGram is a wonderful app that keeps loved ones who have passed, their memories alive that you can access at anytime, you can find MissuGram in the FAITH catalogue. Enlightenment for Schmucks is your daily dose of enlightenment to help relieve our daily stress, check out the WISDOM catalogue. The Tilted Room by Karen Unrue will help you learn to love yourself, check out her awesome blog in the FREEDOM catalogue, last but not least Recyclix, turn waste into eco profits, you can see Roxanna’s website in the OPPORTUNITY catalogue and she is also this updates winner. Make sure to open the latest EMPATHY newsletter where you can read Francine’s latest empathy story “Charity” and see the latest video on the Basicozbizino YouTube playlist “Another Chance” by Roger Sanchez, just like these fantastic contributors of Basicozbizinfo featured in this special update, I decided to give another mention and shout out. Don’t forget to check out the other 330 plus listings of great opportunities and inspiration, below is a list of the categories that have been updated.

FAITH Category: Beyond Now
FREEDOM Category: Thoughts of Business
OPPORTUNITY Category: Miracle Websites
WISDOM Category: Time2Listen

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