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The greatest way of showing empathy is helping others achieve freedom and build their life today, which is what Basicozbizinfo aims to do every day through its networks and of course the catalogues. This update features 4 Basicozbizinfo stars who do just that, starting with this update’s winner David Waters, David shows you how to work your online business with comprehensive training and ongoing support, check out his website in the FAITH catalogue under the “Make $$$$ beyond today” category.

The next star is Kirstie Ganosbik, Kirstie and Trina publish Enlightenment for Schmucks, a great blog that has spiritual ideas to cope with the daily grind and help people find and fulfill their purpose, check out their great blog in the WISDOM catalogue, under the “Discover Something New” category. Purpose is something we all need to find and it’s an individual thing for ourselves which Kayode talks further on his YouTube channel, he is the Your Love and Purpose Expert, you can see his YouTube channel in the OPPORTUNITY catalogue under the “Freshies” category. Last but not least star is Bob Swetz, the Home-based Business Blog extraordinaire, his mission is to help online home business owners increase performance and profits and reach their full potential, check out his blog in the OPPORTUNITY catalogue under the “WWW Marketing” category.

Make sure to check out the latest EMPATHY newsletter with some great links to the amazing tweets, posts and videos happening in the Basicozbizinfo Social networks. Don’t forget to see the other 340 plus listings of great opportunities and inspiration, below is a list of the categories that have been recently updated.

FAITH Category: Make $$$ beyond Today
FREEDOM Category: Biz Promotion Stories
OPPORTUNITY Category: Freshies and WWW Marketing
WISDOM Category: Discover Something New

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This update’s charity is https://www.amnesty.org.au/ please give! Update winner is David Waters who receives an extra 2 FREE Banner Ads for his website with UPGRADE, simply read the latest EMPATHY newsletter at http://basicozbizinfo.ws/viewcatalogue

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