Let’s hear it for the crowd funders!

Crowd Applause

Crowd funders are amazing people who do amazing things that demonstrate empathy in business, this update shows a few Basicozbizinfo Stars that shine. Lisa Burgess helps young teenage pregnant girls in Uganda complete their schooling as well as their own children, check out her crowdfunding page in the FAITH catalogue under “Steer your biz in the right direction” category, maybe your business opportunity can help her raise the funds she needs. Phill Case is this updates winner and he also features in the Empathy Newsletter as the Empathy Story, Phill’s struggle with testicular cancer is a big challenge for him and his family, check out his amazing story and his crowdfunding page in the OPPORTUNITY catalogue under “Let’s Do It” category. This update also features some great new additions with David ‘s Motivation and confidence course, Marc’s Data Governance and protecting your data, Neha’s Blogging tips on making money online and lastly be a survivor with Boomer Williams.

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FAITH Category: Steer your biz in the right direction and Biz on The Run
FREEDOM Category: Internet Marketing
OPPORTUNITY Category: Let’s do It, Make It Happen and Miracle Websites
WISDOM Category: I Need People

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This update’s charity is http://www.childhood.org.au/ please give! Update winner is Phill Case who receives an extra 2 FREE Banner Ads for his crowdfunding page with UPGRADE, simply read the latest EMPATHY newsletter at http://basicozbizinfo.ws/viewcatalogue

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