You and life whispers.

Life Whispers

This update I have been reminded on how we need to focus on ourselves as well listen for whispers that you hear in life. Francine an Empathy Star (see my twitter lists) posted a YouTube video that reminds us of how we need to appreciate ourselves, don’t let yourself be a stranger to you in other words find out who you really are and what you need to be. You can see Francine’s video on EMPATHY TV . Life whispers at us, this maybe in the form of something unexpected, a pleasant surprise or strange one, a good example of a Life whisper is a video from Omeleto I tweeted in Weekend Empathy tweets for Feb 24, a girlfriend receives an invitation to dinner at his place thinking he may propose and turns out to be something else(click here). Climate change is a life whisper that has gotten louder and louder, check out this amazing town that from a ghost town to a thriving renewable energy small town economy(click here). Check out some more amazing tweets in the Empathy weekend tweets on Twitter(click here) .

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