What’s Inside Matters!


Do YOU think so? I certainly do, what I have seen since last update has been absolutely heartbreaking and not to mention feelings of sadness, then fortitude. Why do certain sections of our society seem to be very quick to judge refugees(people seeking asylum) and immigrants and where does this crazy fear come from? To separate children from parents for sake of politics that does not serve any purpose other than offending people you have a dislike for e.g Lefties, betrays any kind of empathy or political common sense, not too mention business sense.

Like I mentioned in my previous blogs, capitalism is about keeping the existing rich wealthy and the poor poorer, which gets to answering the question, where does this crazy fear come from? People who experience hardship come up with the best ideas, this is common knowledge. These ideas ae progressive and if funded they help others grow and prosper, hence creating more competition for old business and opportunity for everybody else which means people are less dependent on…………..Capitalism(Old Money).

There are so many growing crowdfunding opportunities and petitions out there on the internet and these opportunities are the very thing that is a threat to old ways. Here are some examples of people who have been prevented from seeking these opportunities, single mother from Brisbane, Bernadette Romulo is about to be torn away from her son by the Australian Government and deported to the Philippines. Click here https://twitter.com/Ljb2Liam/status/1010847996982976512

Priya and Nades were settled in Biloela after fleeing torture and suffering in Sri Lanka. Despite the advice of human right organisations on the ground, our current Government has decided that Sri Lanka is now safe. This is why they are trying to force Priya, Nades and their two beautiful young children back to Sri Lanka. As a result at 5am, their home was stormed by armed police and Border Force officers. Their seven month old baby and two and a half-year old daughters were ripped from their beds. Priya and Nades were told they were being taken to a Melbourne detention centre and given ten minutes to pack up their lives. Click here https://twitter.com/Ljb2Liam/status/1010870562971791360

Ali is 63 years old and not expected to live many more months. He is also a member of the persecuted Hazaran minority and has been formally recognised as a refugee, but today he is lying on a bed in an Australian detention centre on Nauru in pain and discomfort dying from lung cancer.He has one incredibly simple request: to come to Australia and receive some relief from the pain and die with some dignity and comfort. Click here https://twitter.com/Ljb2Liam/status/1010856177599635456

In my book, if a person has empathy, a sense and understanding of what others are feeling, then the gate is open and they can come inside, what’s inside matters.

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