Do you have the courage and empathy to find solution?

Courage 2

HAVE FAITH AND YOU WILL! Since last update I have come across some amazing tweets you would have seen in My Weekend Empathy Tweets. The first one I noticed was an amazing story of a Syrian refugee girl using tin cans as a prosthetic for her 2 legs that had been removed. You will see in the twitter moment how her parents cared for her and her father made the prosthetic using soup cans, his empathy for his daughter and the medical staff and volunteers who supported the family was very inspiring to see, click here.

Last month I took a pledge to help stop plastic pollution for the month of July, judging by the success of the campaign with supermarkets banning single use plastic bags, looks like I wasn’t the only one who could see that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish if something isn’t done about it. Check out my pledge, click here .

In my twitter feed I cam across an amazing story of Afghan farmers replacing poppies once used for illegal drug use to now farming rose petals, the rose petals are farmed into Cream and Rose water which can be used for all sorts of good things. It just goes to show that no matter how much destruction war and conflict can bring, empathy and solution certainly finds a way, check out the tweet click here .

Last but not least, this story puts a big smile on my face and helps me restore faith in our capitalist society. Check out the Water Park designed specifically for children who are in Wheelchairs, its absolutely brilliant, the evidence is seen on their faces on how much fun they are having, you can see the tweet click here .

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