Do you strive for progress?

Progress and Growth

IF THERE IS NO STRUGGLE, THERE IS NO PROGRESS. Progressive thinking has dominated social networks this update, a story that touched me in particular is about a group of young protesters of gun violence who melted guns into shovels to plant trees alongside victims of gun violence on the anniversary of Martin Luther King. One notable person from the video is the mother of Rob Peblete who was gunned down by gun violence at the age of 23. The video Serotiny.

Mapping for poverty is not a term you hear everyday, however this is exactly what a tech company is doing in Kenya, mapping the slum districts for essential services by using google maps and their own tech software to improve the infrastructure for these living places, you can see PBS’s news report here. Its a really good example of how internet, social media and satelite tech can help improve the lives of so many.

No doubt of late you would have heard of walls being built to keep out immigrants which I have protested about in my previous blogs, however have you heard of Africa’s Great Green Wall? This is truly an amazing tree planting project that spans across several countries through the continent to alleviate drought. The green wall focuses on planting tress that are dry resistant and and create crops and improves their local and neighbouring economies.

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