Do you need a new beginning?


Begin, and the rest will come. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Agatha Christie.

Throughout our life journey, there will be times when we embark upon a new, changing or losing jobs, looking after a sick relative or ceasing work due to illness. Recently I did some volunteering with the Anti Poverty Network to help raise the rate of Newstart Allowance(Unemployment Benefit) which is currently below the poverty line in world standards, together we convinced our local council to sign a nationwide online petition to raise the amount of Newstart. New beginnings are inevitable and I can’t think of one person who hasn’t needed the help of another in order to start their new beginning. See the tweet here

Its hard not to feel empathy towards families, especially children in detention. Recently the Aust govt as received requests to get #KidsoffNauru from Medicins Sans Frontiers, requesting the immediate evacuation of these families. My thoughts on this as I have blogged before in “Whats Inside Matters” is worth repeating again. All these people need is chance for a new start in life, however it seems unless you have money or capital, the govt doesn’t want to know you, as Australia has one the highest migration intakes in the world, so we seem to have two extremes or perhaps two faces. Please sign the petition for Get Up! Click Here.

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