Are you ready to give this season?


Giving is the highest form of empathy, an activity that is one on one, it’s all about the receiver but also the giver. Christmas can get busy fast and in a ridiculous way, for me as my birthday is exactly 4 weeks before Christmas its get crazy with parties, family get togethers and so on and of course one needs to find time out of our daily grind to do the annual Christmas shopping. I was going through my Weekend Empathy Moments on twitter looking for inspiration for the last blog of 2018 and I came across an interview with Russell Brand and Marianne Williamson, Marianne was talking about depression and how it shouldn’t be dealt with in a drug taking way but in a more real and natural way and don’t expect immediate results, what captured my interest in that interview was when she said that its important to show up for people and do not squander one hour in your pain, that made a lot of sense to me. I am at my most productive when I take the time to think about how I can help someone else and this gives your life a purpose as opposed to an existence.

Tis the season of giving, share or donate charity links is a good way to give, I do this regularly and I find it’s a good way to promote empathy and opportunity at the same time, here some good examples since last update, Gulzar Duishenova is a Kyrgyzstani woman with a disability, who lives in a society where persons with disabilities face daily discrimination. One of these forms of discrimination is accessibility; from going to the doctor, to getting on public transport(Click here)  another example is after seven years of war, Syrians are struggling to survive. Over 5.5 million men, women and children have fled to neighbouring countries, where they live in extreme poverty, click here  Please give and be merry. Give a little bit »

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