Human Rights and Human Solutions


Since last update, I have been using the Human rights hashtag quite frequently for everything from disability rights, a royal commission into the mistreatment and neglect of the disabled care centres in Australia to the recent arrest of Chelsea Manning for refusing to give evidence regarding wikileaks in a unopen arena.

Greed and ignorance always leads to corruption and ill-treatment of the vulnerable, however there is a good saying “You don’t win by fighting those you hate but by saving those you care about”. A good example is how Microsoft is using AI(artificial Intelligence) to map forests, all their vegetation, insects, animals in order to preserve the forest and accurately record its DNA structure if you like, this will be helpful when Climate Change kicks in, you can see the video on Empathy TV, another good example is by sharing the good news as well as the bad on your social media account, everything from Amnesty Petitions through to climate change events or emailing your an MP on your objection to oil drilling in an ecosystem such as the Great Australian Bight.

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