Changed minds equals a changed economy.

New Economy

Two extraordinary people have captured my attention since last update, the amazing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on defence of The Green New Deal and of course Julian Assange who despite his political arrest, his fight continues.

I will never forget Collateral Murder(click here), this was an undeniable turning point in our western culture, we could see first hand the crimes our western culture commits and of course like most adults we don’t assume there is one great power except that of the people, this is Julian’s or Wikileaks message , plain and simple. Nobody is above the law or above fair criticism and there is no such thing as classified information, keeping secrets from humans is generally impossible.

Most opponents of progressive thinking or general common sense with empathy and without issue always use the economy or money as an excuse to defend lack of action, no greater example of this than with climate change, it’s in our economic interest to transition to renewables so our economy can prosper with smarter technology that creates opportunities within itself as opposed to simply holding onto old money ways because that’s the comfort zone your used to, as an adult you must accept things change with out political tantrum and if it’s the right path, you walk it.

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