Are you in a state of Wellness and Self-fulfilment?


If not, get there! Wellness is the physical, mental, and emotional health, leading to a healthy way of living. Too often our goals are taken up with competitive ones, we are in a race to beat someone else or to have something that someone else doesn’t have. What all these boils down too, is what the other person is doing. A better way to go would be to simply ignore the competitiveness and set your own goal of achieving something good for somebody else.

A good example I came across in my Weekend Empathy Tweets is where a group of students did an emotional farewell for an elderly lady who would wave to them every morning, rain, hail or shine wishing them a happy start to the day. The video went viral and so did their social media profiles, you can see the tweet here .

Just after my last blog, I attended the STOP ADANI coal mine rally, Carmichael coal mine is a massive mine and a horrible Climate Change Timebomb proposed for Queensland with little job prospects as most jobs are automated and clearly damaging for the environment, the only benefit is to it owners who capitalise on the monopoly market of energy. As I am typing this blog Australia has voted to keep is current prime minister which means the mine will eventually most likely go ahead. Regardless of any setbacks, it’s important to realise they are only setbacks and you should always support solutions that improve the wellness of our lives and protest the activities that don’t. You can see my amazing experiences at the STOP ADANI RALLY here.

On a more positive note solutions are found everyday that help us achieve wellness if not for ourselves but for others in our community, such as the Zero emissions tour boat for the Niagara Falls click here (scroll down). Solutions and empathy is everywhere, so make wellness and empathy your new life goal.

Basicozbizinfo promotes empathy in business and you will see the more empathy that is applied where you help people grow their ideas or find new opportunities, the more we prosper. Check out some more amazing tweets in the Empathy weekend tweets on Twitter (click here – and Basicozbizinfo New Beginnings on Tumblr (click here –

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