Do you believe in placing out a Welcome Mat to those in need?

Welcome Mat Blog

I most certainly believe in placing out a welcome mat for people such as refugees, people fleeing violence oppression and victims of inequality such as the homeless and even whistle-blowers who expose a governments wrong doing and being harassed and bullied by an authorities’ abuse of power such as Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning to name some good examples.

In traditional media and on some social media funnels these people seem to be demonised or seen as a threat????? Where did we lose such common sense, education and empathy? Every problem has a solution, what we should be doing is focusing and promoting solutions not a political hatred and not using people in despair as political ping pong ball distractions and looks like I am not alone in my thinking.

Since last update I have noticed a huge spotlight being put on refugees, a simple tweet I posted asking people to donate to ARC(Asylum Seeker Resource Centre) received just under 5000 impressions, minutes after it was posted(click here). Alexandria Orcasio-Cortez in my firm opinion a Human Rights Champion put up the argument that on the US Border there are concentration camps under these definitions, that seems to fit correctly. Click here

I have always found in my experience when you have a significant amounts of corruption, you then have a significant amounts of inequality, all of this is driven by a certain economic interest, people who want to use govt money for other things than building a community. Julian Assange founder of Wikileaks uncovered huge amount of political corruption on both sides, a good example is how the US is applying jurisdiction to other countries and now he is slowly being precipitated against and bullied. Click here

In Australia we are starting to see similar examples such as the AFP(Australian Federal Police) raids on a political journalist Annika Methurst and the ABC – Click Here  In Queensland we have the Qld govt more or less approving a ridiculous thermal coal mine Adani(see previous blogs) instead of adequate funding for troubled youth and as a result we have kids in watch house(click here)

We need more empathy in our world, along with welcome mats and less BS as the March for our Lives teenagers rightfully call it.

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