Who is in control of our empathy?


Our empathy is always our own to administer, however do we use our empathy to convince those who cause huge amounts of pain, such as families escaping poverty due to inequality, war or Climate Change to change their ways or be a solution and light to that existing pain.

Yesterday I posted a tweet reply to Alexandria Orcasio Cortez(AOC) that racked up quite a lot of impressions and likes, I was replying to her brilliant response to the cost of Insulin in the US which is $1000 per month WITH insurance, AOC went on to query further on to define how stock buybacks, where companies buy their own stock to push up stock value in turn affects the price of pharmaceuticals and how legislating against this would solve this horrendous inequality problem where the poor can’t afford basic health care, also AOC mentioned how her own struggle looking after her father before he died from a rare form of lung cancer, please watch here.

Solutions are needed not just the protest and the fight, such as the UN Global goals to combat Climate Crisis, hence the Worlds Largest Solar Thermal plant, check out my Weekend Empathy Tweets Moment on Twitter, click here.

Australian Indigenous recognition and improving the poverty gap has always been a political issue for as long as I have been born, I can just remember as a kid when Prime Minister Gough Whitlam pours soil into hand of traditional landowner Vincent Lingiari, Northern Territory’ 1975 Click here. Solutions such as Treaty and National Learning of Indigenous languages cannot be understated as a good step forward, click here to find more info, Weekend Empathy Tweets Moment, click here.

Homelessness, Housing affordability and Inequality in general due to unsubstantiated inadequate spending on people services, truth in political advertising is the key method to solving these issues , because if the govt is not spending on people services what is it spending the money on, its whole purpose is to create revenue and service for the people, click here for more info, Weekend Empathy Tweets Moment, click here.

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