Do we need to create a New Democracy?

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The answer to this question, would be YES and URGENTLY. Take into consideration the current political agenda, Climate Change, growing inequality, corrupt lobbying, govt bullying and thieving from its population.

Recently I sent a tweet asking Twitter and Pauline Hanson(Australian Senator) to remove a violent video tweet of a taxpayer funded senator waving a Cattle Prod and suggesting that the Qld Police use this weapon like object on Climate Change Protestors in Brisbane who are rightfully protesting against the unnecessary Adani Coal Mine(click here).

Putting aside the logic of no new coal mines, only renewable projects for domestic or export use is the only acceptable policy in the 21st Century. What concerns me the most is that a Senator feels its her role to threaten members of the public she disagrees with either for political point scoring or TV time, instead of reviewing legislation sent from the House of Representatives which is what every senator is paid to do under the constitution. For the record Twitter removed the tweet, thank you Twitter.

While on the subject of renewable energy and of course Climate Change, no doubt you have heard of the Amazon Fires, this is a good example of an ignorant lobbying interest in the face of global warming, the interest of land clearing and development taking a higher priority than the welfare of the world’s largest rainforest or more commonly known as the worlds lungs, you can sign the petition here.

Witness K is the whistle-blower who released information regarding a past Australian Government misusing ASIO powers to spy on another nation, Timor Leste, in order to obtain an advantage in negotiations. Witness K is now being charged for misusing govt information for the release which of course isn’t in the spirit of the law’s intention. Sign the petition of support, click here.

The horror and sad stories regarding Robodebt or should be just simply be called corrupt political govt fraud. The purpose behind Robodebt has been proven as a means for the govt to achieve surplus and doing it on the back of society’s most vulnerable, the recovery system works on a comparison of your yearly earnings to pension amount claimed against a certain period, as person’s income can change throughout the year, the yearly calculation is irrelevant and is regularly proven wrong and is not legally workable with many cases that are taken to court fail. As a result of this programme, many young people on Homeless Youth Allowance, Newstart and Disability have committed suicide, living on the streets or sacrificing a daily meal for them and their family. Check out the great work Get up is doing with FraudStop click here.

Taking the last paragraphs into consideration, I would be inclined to say these are very relevant arguments for a new transparent democracy is definitely needed. Social Media and Internet is the most powerful people tool created in history, it is time for a discussion on how we can use this magnificent tool as a fairer population management tool.

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