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Ghandi once said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

One of the sincerest forms of respect is listening to what another has to say. For those who lack empathy, their greatest strength is the ability to ignore others whose interest doesn’t match their own.

For those of us who have the empathy our greatest strengths is listening not just to our interests but the thoughts and feelings of others and then then support grows. The recent press raids are an example of that, the hashtag Press Freedom trended to a point the Federal Govt had to backpedal on its ABC raids and the story they wanted silenced became known (Australian Defence Force war crime in Afghanistan). In my experience, not a lot of people enjoy conflict or change, however this is the very thing that those with a corrupt interest bank on, that truth tellers are being extreme or just plain troublemakers, so a great way to combat that is to tell the truth in a logical and calm manner, works every time. Click here 

Mental health especially among men is a tricky political topic. Men are either seen as a Hero, Villain, Winner or Loser, of course the reality is men can be any of these things at any given time, however this political perception is very dangerous, if man comes across trauma(abuse, mental illness etc), resources are very limited and they should at least be risen to adequate. Unfortunately, the social political tide thanks to Mr Trump means there is not much political will in Men’s Health/Mental Health and there is a rise in hate groups such as INCELS all run by Men. If the tide is to turn, we need to focus on Men’s Health in combination with every other social justice issue. Click here

Another area that requires listening is the combination of Human Rights and Economic interest. Australia’s business leaders feel Australia can’t survive without China, I’m inclined to think that both economies can work together well, its all about the old-fashioned give and take. In China, Uyghur people are being rounded up and forced into internment camps, some of these people hold Australian passports. We have just as much to offer China to help with their growing population issues and their rising social class, so there is a lot to negotiate and discuss regarding expectations of civility and economic benefit, all about seeing opportunity, Click here

For years the Australian Indigenous community have fought for Uluru, everything from name change (Ayres Rock) to banning the climb, as Uluru is a sacred site and one doesn’t want to be climbing all over a sacred site nor be incorrectly named. A sweet victory when the ban came into effect, hopefully one day people who wanted to climb it will learn to appreciate the fact, it’s a monolith and not supposed to be climbed, not only is this dangerous and disrespectful but the whole purpose of a visit is to appreciate its beauty and natural wonder like when it changes colour at sunset and the waterfalls when it rains, you can’t see these things by climbing all over it, it’s a rock, pays to listen. Click here

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