A New Journey 2020 – I Won’t Let the Sun go down on me.


Does your dream motivate you? “It’s not what the dream is but what the dream does.” John H. Johnson

Challenge and change is how I would describe the beginning of 2020, since last blog over a month ago the Bushfire Crisis continues along with the ridiculous weather no doubt due to Climate Change has proven to be challenging more than ever.

Having said that, blame is pointless as I have said before in my blogs before those without the social empathy can never change, but those of us who do have the empathy can. Solution is what is needed. As you know I create the Weekend Empathy Tweets on Twitter Moments, I came across a tweet of a Santa Claus giving clothes and blankets as gifts. Instead of making judgements or casting blame Santa simply provided a solution to a problem, click here

This is what we need to do, find solutions to Climate Change, forever the optimist I came across a tweet from Barak Obama “Here’s the thing: Even with problems of this magnitude, each of us can still find a way to make change. That’s why I’m proud of young people like Alice Mahar, an environmental activist in Melbourne. Read about her and find ways you can help, too”: click here

Startups, Investors and business people what a huge opportunity there is to be the entrepreneur to find solutions to help people manage Climate Change, however better still finding environmental, biological and scientific ways to cool the planet down e.g., finding a way to increase the speed of tree growth.

Since last blog I have tweeted over Human Rights abuses and petitions shouting for change and social justice, see the moments link below.

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