What is your intention?


“Our intention creates our reality” Wayne Dyer

When we tweet and social media share regarding the Climate emergency, what is our intention? That is question I am pondering for this blog, is our intention for government to change or improve its policies, or for deniers to see the light or perhaps should it be our intention to start coming up with solutions. I came across a tweet of a Japanese town called Kamikatsu which was burning its waste, its goal was to have zero waste by 2020 using sustainable methods they achieved 80% of their goal, now they educate world summits on how they got to their success. Click here

Intention creates our reality and it is only when we have good intention that we can create a better reality. Even though your intentions maybe clear, that doesn’t mean other people’s intentions are, for example a wealthy company that refuses to pay its employees, usually it’s because they have found a loophole or a situation that looks ambiguous and confusing for example a business you operated but has a different name to your main business goes bankrupt, then you state you have nothing to do with the business because it would be pretty difficult for the layman to find out . Such otherwise as what happened with these workers who are owed 4.5 million dollars in wages, click here 

Solutions and progress are everywhere from a renewable energy national transition plan that creates jobs and opportunities such as an eco-friendly bike can peddle on water. Click here

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice, see the moments link below.

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