Are you doing what makes you happy?

Happy Man

“Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy because of what you have.” Zig Ziglar

Since last update Australia has descended into panic to the point of purchasing ridiculous amounts toilet paper(insert eye roll here).

Due to the Covid19 people have become anxious, this pandemic is bad no doubt, however panic and worry never achieved much. As humans we like to think we are in control, I often think of control as an illusion, the reality is you don’t know what’s going to happen next be it good or bad, the only thing you can count on is your reaction to it. “persistence is omnipotent” is one of my favourite mottos. One thing I think is important is to always do what makes you happy regardless of circumstance, so in this blog I ask “Are you doing what makes you happy?”

With the panic, unfortunately the ugliness of human behaviour surfaces with racism towards the Chinese and refusing to visit Chinese shops or Asian eateries. To combat this craziness Get Up started a new power campaign #Iwilleatwithyou click here

People refusing to surrender to panic and misinformation doing what they normally do or what makes them happy.

Another example of doing what makes you happy, the annual Sydney Mardi Gras for LGTBQIA, thousands attended just like they do every year with big names in music and the most prominent float being the firefighters, check out all the fun here

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice.

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