Say Something

“Preach not because you have to say something, but because you have something to say.” By Richard Whately

Question! When does our fear of safety become more important than our rights? Or perhaps a better question is WHY do we need to sacrifice our rights for fear?

Closed secret trials. Raids on journalists. Whistle-blowers and their lawyers facing prison time.

Are these the issues we like to see from our news sources all because of this fear of the unknown? Another question! Who is really afraid, us the people with fears of being attacked OR old power(traditional media, monarch states, states with outdated democratic models etc) being overtaken by new power(social media, instant communication between people & govt, progressive & inclusive groups etc)?

In Australia we have had a fear driven politics filled with drama and high alerts, be it China, Terrorism or the Economy and this kind of rhetoric has lead to proposals that cause an erosion of rights.

It doesn’t matter what crisis you face or choose to use as an example but you will find that fear is only used as a natural alert for yourself after that you move into fight or flight and start thinking of ways to resolve what you are facing. For example, when Australia had the bushfire tragedy at the beginning of the year due to Climate Change, immediately people were talking about solutions to prevent this from happening again, even a call on fire authorities to investigate personal fireproof bunkers. The CSIRO investigated six cases in Victoria where people survived in accredited purpose-built bunkers.

So why aren’t we talking about solutions that protect our rights but protect us as well instead of just proposing more heavy legislation. Click here

Below is a couple of examples of key areas where Australians need to say something and be heard.

Destruction of culturally significant indigenous sites- Click here

Raise the Age – NT 43 times higher the rate of youth indigenous incarceration compared to non-indigenous. Click here

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice.

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