Do you follow the crowd?

Quote: “Never follow the crowd.”

Bernard Baruch

Sooner or later all of us make the choice to use our own wings, when is that time that we decide to make that move and not follow the crowd.

More importantly what prompts us to make that choice, my answer is nature itself, its important for nature to diversify itself, you will find that every living thing has its own uniqueness, there are similarities of course however no being is exactly the same, this is our own cue.

Having said that when it comes to our own values this would also be true, they can have their own uniqueness, our own version of empathy. Looking after the vulnerable is one of the most empathic activities one can do. The disabled are certainly vulnerable and require our empathy and care not our scrutiny, there is an active petition on asking to stop NDIS from rolling out Independent Assessments Click here

Basic necessities such as clean air and water are given, however reading from Global Citizen’s website – “An estimated 844 million people around the world don’t have easy access to clean water. Roughly 80% of the world’s extreme poor live in rural areas where they often rely on the surrounding land for subsistence farming. Air pollution, meanwhile, disproportionately affects people in poverty.” Basic necessities aren’t so easy to come across for everybody, largely due to population growth and poor quick profit management, glad to see that Global citizen isn’t following the crowd, see their amazing work, click here   

To present an example of somebody not following the crowd and exercising bravery and courage, have a read of 21-year-old photographer and refugee Yousif Al Shewaili’s blog – My Own Words: My Life in Moria Refugee Camp Click here

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice.

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