Why is it that everybody wants to rule the world?

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Imagination rules the world – Napoleon Bonaparte

It would be fair to say that everybody believes their idea of solving a problem is the best idea or worst the only idea. I find when people seriously insist upon rule, they do so with an agenda in mind, sometimes this works out for the people, sometimes it doesn’t.   

Since last update there have been new issues to discuss such as Myanmar, March 4 Justice and Climate change events. One of the tweets that received a mention in my Empathy tweets broadcast was regarding Myanmar, the dreadful atrocities that are occurring there, the reason I mention this is because it ain’t the first time this country has gone into Military rule, deeply troubling.

I often wonder how do people get locked into such a negative pattern of thinking, that they would act so aggressively and dismiss basic democracy and human rights. If you are on the positive side of the argument and you are willing navigate through to the win win solutions, I would say to you consider the agenda of your opponent, read that person, what are they all about? what are they getting out of this? There must be a pay off of some kind.

When you discover what that is you are half way there, the same logic also applies not just to developing countries but to 1st world countries such as Australia. Recently in Australia we had the March for Justice, a rally demonstrating the accountability of high office and protection in particular for female public servant workers in the Canberra bubble as it is called. Australia does not have an accountability office e.g Crime Commission or watchdog authority over Federal Politicians and there seriously needs to be one, what prompted this outrage was an Attorney general on rape accusations refusing to clear his name with an enquiry in order to maintain trust in office and another rape allegation in the parliament building along with some other less known offences. By having a federal authority responsible for oversight, there will be no need for protesting.  

Sad as it is the message of Climate Change just doesn’t seem to be getting through, even though we have one dreadful climate event after another, the dreadful fires of 2020 and now the floods of 2021, there are still companies and governments dragging their feet on Climate Change. I guess the best thing we can do is use our imaginations for solutions and our perseverance to make them happen.  

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice.

NB: Please note Basicozbizinfo catalogues ceased early 2022 and has converted to the New Beginnings Blog.

NB: Please note Basicozbizinfo catalogues ceased early 2022 and has converted to the New Beginnings Blog.

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