Respect Boundaries and the empathy we deserve.

Do you find that we are losing more and more of boundaries or autonomy? Covid hasn’t exactly helped the situation, but as people become more push & shove in their everyday life we lose what Aretha Franklin sang for RESPECT. Aretha was mainly reffering to respect for women, now I find the song is needed as respect for everybody.

People are definitely being used, I justify this by observing how we are continuously being given instruction. Unemployment is at its lowest, so this must mean you should be employed, be brilliant at your job, companies are working very hard to keep you so you should be GRATEFUL!

Sadly this perception doesn’t reflect reality, I have always found in my twenty years or so working in corporations, people who use people are not innovative people, thats why they use people, there only talent is manipulating others.

As a result we miss out on innovating ideas that help all of us prosper instead of just running to the starting gun of leftover 20th century corporate culture, making people feel guilty instead of empowered.

Look at the old rich! How did they become rich? Bet you anything they would have USED people in order to get there, same in politics as well, I don’t belive I need to give any examples regarding politics, the 6’oclock news gives plenty.

We need to fight for a sustainable economy for all us which I talked about in my last blog, however how we fight this by coming up with great ideas that respect people’s boundaries and allow their autonomy and not mess with their minds but allow their creative juices to flow and using the power of empathy, after all thats where all the best ideas come from.

In closing, good examples of respecting boundaries, is understanding that your industry isn’t the only industry, respect the fact that Indigenous people had the land first and if they want to use it for tourism(billion dollar industry) or for sacred reasons etc, they can, just because it doesn’t suit your mining interest, respect boundaries.

Another example is protecting our Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Great barrier reef is the largest living organism on earth, key word being living, yes tourism is important but so is the right to exist. Nature has just as much right to be here as humans do and again this boundary needs to be respected and if not respected will be fought for and hard.

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice.

NB: Please note Basicozbizinfo catalogues ceased early 2022 and has converted to the New Beginnings Blog

NB: Please note Basicozbizinfo catalogues ceased early 2022 and has converted to the New Beginnings Blog.

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