Truth and Lies – Afghanistan

Quote: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter improbable, must be the truth”. Arthur Conan Doyle

What is your version of truth, 20 Year War or a 20-year propaganda campaign?

The reason for such a statement, to put simply….How did a such a primate ill equipped army with pre-Soviet weapons called the Taliban defeat the Afghan govt with a so-called coalition of world assistance WITHOUT the assistance of internal corruption?

As typing this blog. I was in an Australian Qld Greens political zoom meeting listening to good people brainstorming ideas and methods for a better democracy then we paused for lunch and I put on the Empathy & inspiration Spotify playlist and randomly “Strange Fruit” by Andra Day/Billie Holiday came on, click here. Thinking that the threat of oppression isn’t really that far away from one’s own culture if any culture is exempt.

You are only powerless if one believes it. The oppressed have many a victory and they victor due to keeping community and respecting the other with the empathy that is needed. They fail when they put all their faith in a deity or saviour, in this example it seems the USA is that failure.

What’s needed is a proper United Nations peacekeeping force to ensure humanitarian assistance is given to the victims of this attack and find peace in the violence.

The Taliban are full of shit, they are being used by a greater political and corporate interest, for more info on this, see Russell Brands video on how USA weapons distributors profits have soared as a result of this 20 year propaganda war and a Vice news reporter interviewing a Taliban leader holding up a new mobile phone taking a photo of a sheep farmer on trial accused of stealing a sheep, punishable by cutting off his hand. Links below.

An international peacekeeping force is a force of peace. When you persist with empathy and community which is a win win for all, peace then wins, persistence is omnipotent.

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice.

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