Remembrance and Empathy

Quote: We do not remember days, we remember moments – Ceasare Pavese

The moment the ANZACS landed on the beaches of Gallipoli or charged the front lines of Beersheba on the Australian Lighthorse through to the peacekeeping missions of Vietnam to Middle East. All of these wars, we don’t remember the days per se its more about the moments, be it traumatic or great learning of human behaviour.

Internal conflicts are the hardest, enemy not so clear. Since last update I have come across some other important things to remember and to exercise empathy. When I did the Empathy Tweets broadcast for Easter, I talked about calling on the NT Chief Commissioner to carry out the recommendations made by the Northern Territory Royal Commission instead of taking measures that make it harder for young people to get bail and give police unprecedented powers. You can see the Empathy tweets & Broadcast here

Fights come in different forms, such as the global fight we are currently waging against COVID 19. There is no country in the world that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic, on the 18th April the Empathy tweets had a blog from UNICEF telling the story of UNICEF Health workers delivering vaccines to people in Kathmandu in Nepal on foot. See the photos, its extraordinary click here

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice, click here .

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