Sustainability and Protection

Quote: Protecting our environment and natural resources is necessary for both our planet and our economy. Sharice Davids

A sad reality is if we are to make our environment and economy sustainable, we will have to protect it. Since last update there have been some great examples in the Empathy Tweets of how we can protect our environment and economy by being more sustainable in our thinking.

The Climate council has put forward an economic proposal that can bring Australia into a trillon dollar economy which we can use to build our communities.

Sounds great don’t it, so why don’t we get in and do it, because it doesn’t suit the interest of old money and some people don’t have the empathy to look past their own nose, they have the pathetic romance of looking after themselves and putting themselves forward and some look at this as an heroic attribute, its simply selfishness disguised as an affirmation.

Control is the key, renewable energy and sustainable solutions put people in control, think about it without a power grid how can you control people or business unless you break into someone’s home and damage their power source and with having more than one power source brings competition into the marketplace.

In order for things such as renewable energy, sustainable devlopment to happen, we need to fix our political system first, so it is for the people’s needs. Currently govt is a cash grab for the highest bidder taking advantage of an old system that needs modernising.

If we can modernise our democrarcy systems this is a great way to protect our future and make it more sustainable, not only this but by empowering a marketplace that is sustainable thus creating a sustainable economy this in itself can help mould our govt democratic system.

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice.

NB: Please note Basicozbizinfo catalogues ceased early 2022 and has converted to the New Beginnings Blog

NB: Please note Basicozbizinfo catalogues ceased early 2022 and has converted to the New Beginnings Blog.

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