Are you on the right track?

Quote: “The best way to find out whether you’re on the right path? Stop looking at the path.”

Marcus Buckingham

Despite all the misery in the world its good to know that there are people who make tracks, the best ones. From the Global citizen website: This year due to COVID-19, 50 million children worldwide missed their essential vaccination against polio — a horrific and highly contagious disease that leaves children paralyzed. Resources had to be redirected away from these vulnerable kids in 52 countries as medical staff and volunteers supported the pandemic response.

One could look at a situation such as this and feel a sense of helplessness, instead the Global Citizen says we can be the generation that ends polio. They aim to do this by calling on world leaders to end polio with a huge international petition. Click here

What difference can an hour make? A lot according to the Australian Conservation Foundation, through its Planet A Action hour, after all there is no Planet B. Empathy builds advocacy, when you get a group of people together for a good cause, the impact is significant, especially when a group signs a petition together, calls or visits their local member etc. When you have a group of connected individuals, you can then be certain of being on the right track. Click here

Northern Territory, Australia will be home to the largest Solar Farm in the world. The solar farm will generate enough renewable energy for Singapore and Darwin by 2026 and help build remote indigenous communities. Big projects lead to big outcomes, and when you have the vision, then you have the dream. Click here

Lastly sticking to theme of this update’s blog “Are you on the right track?” Global Citizen certainly was when it came to campaigning to end global hunger during COVID 19, with a worldwide Online house party and signing an international petition, pretty wow, check out the 11 hour Youtube video here

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice, see the moments link below.

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