Truth and Empathy – Do we really need to choose?

Invasion Day

Recently I attended my first Invasion Day Rally, this a rally protesting against the colonisation of Australia and how sovereignty was never ceded. Without absence of a treaty it is improper to celebrate Australia Day on the day the first fleet arrived. It was an emotional day, especially hearing the heartbreaking experiences of discrimination from indigenous people such as the mother of Grant Ross who was shot 5 times unarmed

However nothing quite surprised me more than a couple of days later when I came across as to what can only be described in my firm opinion as vitriolic. Twitter was trending a panel discussion aired by Studio 10 where a conflict occurred between Yumi Styles and Kerrie Anne Kennerley. When I viewed the video, to summarise, Kerrie Anne was making a comment that the people who marched on Invasion Day have not gone out to the bush to see first hand the abuse that indigenous communities suffer and that somehow these people who marched are ignorant in some way or possibly even lazy. I am completely at a loss as to how whether or not protest marchers have been bush or have witnessed atrocities first hand is relevant to the issue, if somebody has enough empathy to take time out of their day to walk a good few kilometers in the hot boiling sun after they have been working very hard all week for an issue that I would imagine is close to the heart of every Australian, I’m sure their heart is in the right place, but most of all, why do we have to choose between TRUTH(Sovereignty was never ceded) and EMPATHY(Objecting to the abuse that indigenous communities suffer) as I tweeted, can’t we do both I for one will not be choosing, I will be doing both and walking with progress as opposed to generating a false argument that borders on stupidity, presumably for ratings, especially on an issue as sensitive as this where progressive minds who can empathize are needed, not certain members of our society who have time to watch morning talk shows and shout socially lazy comments from armchair to TV. I tweeted a response to Yumi and Nova Peris who like me was also disgusted click here

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Entitlement and Empathy


Hump Day Post

Edition 17

Recently in Australia we had our parliament speaker forced to resign due to ridiculous expenses claimed for and paid by the taxpayer ranging from down the road helicopter flights, weddings, fundraisers and overseas trips. Some of these things were extreme but apparently made in the name of helping the Australian people, something for which I can’t see how socializing and networking amongst your own constituents is for the common good. This has been rather embarrassing for the government of the day as its main key policy since election has been that the age of entitlement is over and we the people need to tighten our belts.

So lets talk about entitlement and empathy. Entitlement is defined as a right to a guaranteed benefit such as a tax benefit and empathy is defined as the intellectual identification of experiencing the feelings, thoughts or attitudes of another for example how you might feel about a victim of a serious crime. What somebody is entitled to is open to debate, however what we feel can not be denied. Dare I say we are entitled to what we feel, if we feel our empathy been taken advantage of, then we are entitled to say so.

The purpose of government is to be a lighthouse for the people, to provide services for the population so it can advance, hence Advance Australia Fair. After this is done, then the role of the individual is to improve themselves, it is this empathy that all Australians and I imagine others as well are all entitled too. This is also a great example of entitlement, an entitlement of empathy.

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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Spotlight – Australian Housing Startups, your chance to shine with empathy

Spotlight on house

Hump Day Post

Edition 11

A discussion on QandA involved the problem Australia faces with housing affordability and the discussions ranged from negative gearing to accessing superannuation, the program also displays tweets that appear on the screen and one came up that I thought was very relevant “startups, startups, startups” I presume what the tweeter was referring to was simply good old fasioned demand and supply economic theory. There isn’t enough properties to go around, so there isn’t enough competition in the marketplace and there is no regulation on the prices dare I say it.

It would be fair to say that this applies to all aspects of the marketplace, for example Luxury cars down to second hand, demand and supply evens out. Well if this is truly the case with housing than why isn’t there a focus on creating more opportunity when clearly there is a demand, why isn’t more housing being created, with technology and architecture innovation these days we don’t have to clear more land, we can go up or reclaim old land, but for some unknown bizarre reason this is not being focused on at all, we seem to be discussing ways to change what we do instead of improving and making the most of what we do.

Basicozbizinfo has a theme which is promoting empathy in business through its catalogues and social networks, as housing is shelter, one of Abraham Maslow’s essential needs we need to put an empathy spotlight on property startups who promote new innovative space saving ways so we can have a fair playing field in the housing market, but where does the money come from, I’m sure we are big and brainy enough to figure it out, nonetheless we still need to put a spotlight on it and give this very important issue a chance to shine.

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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