Everybody’s got to learn sometime

Quote: Learning never exhausts the mind – Leonardo Da Vinci

Everybody’s got to learn sometime, a powerful and emotional statement, but what is it that we need to learn?

All of us have our own learning journey, however if one is referring to recent world events I would be inclined to think that the lesson to be learned is accepting the reality that not everybody has peaceful plans like we do but after accepting that, what is the next step?

After hearing the devastating news on the invasion of Ukraine I started sharing immediately on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, you name it. Sharing the sad stories but also the inspirational ones, however disturbingly through my scrolling I came across so many doomsday posts especially on facebook, such as the beginning of WW3, the effects of nuclear war with no real positive solutions just that if it happens just a single clear message “There is nothing you or I can do about it” .

This is also the same with Climate Change, as I live in Brisbane, Qld, Australia, you may have heard that we have more or less have experienced if not worse the 2011 floods again, I’m presuming these will be called the 2022 floods, were not that original with the dramas down here, down under to my international readers.

Me personally I was affected in the sense that my study for which I am typing this blog was inundated through a leaky windowsill and suffered the effects of a smelly carpet and smelly bleach, took a lot of airing out and similar story with my garage and I was cut off from my Full time job in the city, however no where near as damaging as lot of people in SEQ & Northern NSW have experienced and my heart goes out and of course will donate and help where I can.

Having seen the horrific scenes in Lismore NSW of people in tinnies(small Australian tin boat) was nothing that I have seen from Northern NSW before or can recall. However some people have said 1 in a 1000 year flood, well all I can say to that is that these 1 in a whatever’s seem to be happening more often than not…… there how is that for being subtle. Climate change in my firm opinion is definitely what is happening here, denying it, is STUPID…..BUT DOOMSDAY POSTING IS IGNORANT.

One might may say that Nuclear War will never happen, sadly from what I know of humans I no longer share that comfort, you will notice just recently Russia shelled a Nuclear power plant, its contained for now, but you have to ask yourself why?

What is the reasoning behind this, if you want Ukraine as part of Russia where is the intelligence in trying to blow up a Nuclear power plant, just invade the Ukraine like you are doing. Some people just don’t have empathy therefore don’t have reasoning, VP(Vladimir Putin) is in that category.

People have also posted that Climate Change is the end of the world and if we don’t do something now, its all over. I’m inclined to think we have already gone past that point judging from the many recent climate events we have had just here in Australia in the last 10 years.

We need solutions NOW! I don’t believe for one second that the world is going to blow up or that we face extinction, but we do need to ask ourselves in this current time, What are we going to do in the event of a NUCLEAR WAR and how are we going to handle CLIMATE CHANGE?

In the event of a Nuclear war we will have to try and survive the Nuclear winter, doing a lot of googling, the information I have found is that after several bombs have hit, the mushroom clouds will bring up 1M tonnes of debris(dirt matter) that will envelope the earth and block out the sun which of course generates life. Because there is so much dirt matter it will stay in the atmosphere for a certain amount of years, some say 10, some say 20.

Let’s unpack this doomsday scenario, humans have been breaking down dirt matter, such as pollution, even dirt on our clothes in our homes and businesses for years, we deal with dirt matter everyday. Obviously the solution is that we find a biological way to breakdown the huge amount of dirt matter that the nuclear winter is going to generate. I am convinced that with all the great advances we have made in the last 2 centruries we can find a way to achieve this. Its on a huge scale that’s true but we can do it! After this then concentrate on revitalising radioactive areas.

Climate change means more climate and environmental disasters than what we are used to, I can think of 3 things that would be needed, a National Insurance and economic payment system, Weather accurate prediction modelling along with a national communication setup and a National Emergency Response Service. Australia more or less has these things, but there certainly needs to be more emphasis and funding in these key areas and when you buy or rent a property you are given a risk assessment of what dangers you could face, there would be no such property that doesn’t have risks but at least as a resident you have the knowledge.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget empathy & opportunity is everywhere

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Are we being heard?

Listening 2

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.” – David Augsburger

I’m sure all of us have been in a situation where we talk till we are blue in the face and nobody is listening or screaming and nobody looks up, similar to how Kate Winslet’s character Rose felt just before Leonardo Di Caprio’s character’s Jack Dawson rescued her from over the Titanic’s railing.

Titanic:Jack saves Rose scene - Lyrics and Music by titanic ...

Covid-19 has taught us that when we had to exercise physical distancing and go into quarantine we could live in a world that was less polluted and be innovative in our everyday life which of course proves that if we switch to a renewable and sustainable economy we will have a more cleaner and healthier world and that fresh clean air and innovative ideas we enjoyed while in quarantine are something we should all aim for the long term.

However regardless of this what I would think was an obvious path, there are those who refuse to acknowledge and ignore these benefits for the sake of their own interests.

Petitions are great game changers, recently I signed a petition from The Australia Institute convincing the Australian govt that Covid-19 is an opportunity to move forward with renewables not gas or fossil fuel industry. Click here

However to move forward to a renewable and sustainable economy, we need a plan.  Climate Council of Australia have devised an Economy plan for this very purpose. They believe that Right now we have an opportunity to craft the future we want to see for Australia.

We can rebuild our economy with clean energy solutions – getting people back to work by ramping up projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate resilience, that create jobs and drive down emissions. Check out their reports, it is definitely worth the read. Click here

New Economy

Australia has the most beautiful and largest Marine parks in the world, so its important to protect them. Saving Marine Parks from rollbacks and the Australian Fur Seals means we have them for future generations to travel and see them in their natural habitat, this of course is a wonderful  benefit to our economy. Click here

Save the Australian Fur Seals. Click Here

The Wire

Speaking of innovation! Refugees do amazing things, as the old saying goes “Neccesity is the mother of invention” When schools closed in Australia’s near neighbour Timor-Leste as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic, the Timorese Ministry of Education called on UNICEF to help find a way to keep students learning.

Within two weeks of school closures, UNICEF and the Ministry of Education launched the distance learning program Eskola Ba Uma, which translates as ‘School Goes Home’ in the national language of Tetun.

Eskola Ba Uma provides learning materials across TV, radio, online, mobile phones and print, aiming to ensure all children can access education resources, no matter their circumstances. Click here

The Convention on the Rights of the Child and Palestine Refugee ...

Since last blog I have tweeted about Climate Change and petitions shouting for equality and social justice.

NB: Please note Basicozbizinfo catalogues ceased early 2022 and has converted to the New Beginnings Blog.

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So much trauma. Who is Next?

Image result for Civilians in war

Trauma is an extremely distressing experience that causes severe emotional shock and may have long-lasting psychological effects.

Incarcerated Youth: Looking at that definition I can’t think of a greater trauma that can be inflicted than incarcerating children, recently the Australian Indigenous Community had to go to the United Nations and argue for a basic human right that a child under the age of 14 not be incarcerated click here. What kind of community do we become when we fail at providing basic services for troubled youth and one needs to do a shout out on social media or worse still visit the United Nations and present a case for Human Rights violation.

War: The whole purpose of war is to create “chaos and confusion” which is great for any political strategist who has something to hide. In that chaos and confusion of course comes violence and trauma, where the most vulnerable are confused in the chaos and taken advantage off such as refugees, recently I signed the Amnesty Australia petition calling for justice and support for Rohingya women who have experienced sexual violence at the hands of the Myanmar military. You can do the same, click here

Climate Change: Imagine losing your home in moments, Climate Change affects millions of people around the world. Queensland, Australia is not unfamiliar with bushfires, especially during bushfire season(Summer), however an unprecedented bushfire so huge causing catastrophic damage in Spring isn’t really on one’s radar, which is exactly what happened recently in South East Qld. See Tweet

Like I said previously Australia is not unfamiliar with bushfires nor are we unfamiliar with droughts , however the severity and the regular occurrence of them is something that farmers need to face and govt assistance will be essential, as families who are bound by property mortgages and stuck in poverty until it rains, a drought strategy dealing with climate change so farmers aren’t killing livestock and going in debt to pay for water or food. See Tweet

Refugees and Immigration: I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to be forced to leave your own country that you have lived in all your life, you know the customs and the language, however because you heritage is elsewhere and you a have a certain medical condition that can easily be treated but serves as a great legal loophole for an immigration dept to deport you for political reasons definitely passes as trauma. An outdated, and now amended rule stopped regional workers with Hepatitis B from applying for permanent residence. Which of course one doesn’t always know when they obtain these diseases but apparently common sense and empathy is too much to ask. See Tweet 

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Do you believe in placing out a Welcome Mat to those in need?

Welcome Mat Blog

I most certainly believe in placing out a welcome mat for people such as refugees, people fleeing violence oppression and victims of inequality such as the homeless and even whistle-blowers who expose a governments wrong doing and being harassed and bullied by an authorities’ abuse of power such as Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning to name some good examples.

In traditional media and on some social media funnels these people seem to be demonised or seen as a threat????? Where did we lose such common sense, education and empathy? Every problem has a solution, what we should be doing is focusing and promoting solutions not a political hatred and not using people in despair as political ping pong ball distractions and looks like I am not alone in my thinking.

Since last update I have noticed a huge spotlight being put on refugees, a simple tweet I posted asking people to donate to ARC(Asylum Seeker Resource Centre) received just under 5000 impressions, minutes after it was posted(click here). Alexandria Orcasio-Cortez in my firm opinion a Human Rights Champion put up the argument that on the US Border there are concentration camps under these definitions, that seems to fit correctly. Click here

I have always found in my experience when you have a significant amounts of corruption, you then have a significant amounts of inequality, all of this is driven by a certain economic interest, people who want to use govt money for other things than building a community. Julian Assange founder of Wikileaks uncovered huge amount of political corruption on both sides, a good example is how the US is applying jurisdiction to other countries and now he is slowly being precipitated against and bullied. Click here

In Australia we are starting to see similar examples such as the AFP(Australian Federal Police) raids on a political journalist Annika Methurst and the ABC – Click Here  In Queensland we have the Qld govt more or less approving a ridiculous thermal coal mine Adani(see previous blogs) instead of adequate funding for troubled youth and as a result we have kids in watch house(click here)

We need more empathy in our world, along with welcome mats and less BS as the March for our Lives teenagers rightfully call it.

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Human Rights and Human Solutions


Since last update, I have been using the Human rights hashtag quite frequently for everything from disability rights, a royal commission into the mistreatment and neglect of the disabled care centres in Australia to the recent arrest of Chelsea Manning for refusing to give evidence regarding wikileaks in a unopen arena.

Greed and ignorance always leads to corruption and ill-treatment of the vulnerable, however there is a good saying “You don’t win by fighting those you hate but by saving those you care about”. A good example is how Microsoft is using AI(artificial Intelligence) to map forests, all their vegetation, insects, animals in order to preserve the forest and accurately record its DNA structure if you like, this will be helpful when Climate Change kicks in, you can see the video on Empathy TV, another good example is by sharing the good news as well as the bad on your social media account, everything from Amnesty Petitions through to climate change events or emailing your an MP on your objection to oil drilling in an ecosystem such as the Great Australian Bight.

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Are you ready to give this season?

Giving is the highest form of empathy, an activity that is one on one, it’s all about the receiver but also the giver. Christmas can get busy fast and in a ridiculous way, for me as my birthday is exactly 4 weeks before Christmas its get crazy with parties, family get togethers and so on and of course one needs to find time out of our daily grind to do the annual Christmas shopping. I was going through my Weekend Empathy Moments on twitter looking for inspiration for the last blog of 2018 and I came across an interview with Russell Brand and Marianne Williamson, Marianne was talking about depression and how it shouldn’t be dealt with in a drug taking way but in a more real and natural way and don’t expect immediate results, what captured my interest in that interview was when she said that its important to show up for people and do not squander one hour in your pain, that made a lot of sense to me. I am at my most productive when I take the time to think about how I can help someone else and this gives your life a purpose as opposed to an existence.

Tis the season of giving, share or donate charity links is a good way to give, I do this regularly and I find it’s a good way to promote empathy and opportunity at the same time, here some good examples since last update, Gulzar Duishenova is a Kyrgyzstani woman with a disability, who lives in a society where persons with disabilities face daily discrimination. One of these forms of discrimination is accessibility; from going to the doctor, to getting on public transport(Click here)  another example is after seven years of war, Syrians are struggling to survive. Over 5.5 million men, women and children have fled to neighbouring countries, where they live in extreme poverty, click here  Please give and be merry. Give a little bit »

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Do you need a new beginning?


Begin, and the rest will come. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Agatha Christie.

Throughout our life journey, there will be times when we embark upon a new, changing or losing jobs, looking after a sick relative or ceasing work due to illness. Recently I did some volunteering with the Anti Poverty Network to help raise the rate of Newstart Allowance(Unemployment Benefit) which is currently below the poverty line in world standards, together we convinced our local council to sign a nationwide online petition to raise the amount of Newstart. New beginnings are inevitable and I can’t think of one person who hasn’t needed the help of another in order to start their new beginning. See the tweet here

Its hard not to feel empathy towards families, especially children in detention. Recently the Aust govt as received requests to get #KidsoffNauru from Medicins Sans Frontiers, requesting the immediate evacuation of these families. My thoughts on this as I have blogged before in “Whats Inside Matters” is worth repeating again. All these people need is chance for a new start in life, however it seems unless you have money or capital, the govt doesn’t want to know you, as Australia has one the highest migration intakes in the world, so we seem to have two extremes or perhaps two faces. Please sign the petition for Get Up! Click Here.

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Do you have the courage and empathy to find solution?

Courage 2

HAVE FAITH AND YOU WILL! Since last update I have come across some amazing tweets you would have seen in My Weekend Empathy Tweets. The first one I noticed was an amazing story of a Syrian refugee girl using tin cans as a prosthetic for her 2 legs that had been removed. You will see in the twitter moment how her parents cared for her and her father made the prosthetic using soup cans, his empathy for his daughter and the medical staff and volunteers who supported the family was very inspiring to see, click here.

Last month I took a pledge to help stop plastic pollution for the month of July, judging by the success of the campaign with supermarkets banning single use plastic bags, looks like I wasn’t the only one who could see that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish if something isn’t done about it. Check out my pledge, click here .

In my twitter feed I cam across an amazing story of Afghan farmers replacing poppies once used for illegal drug use to now farming rose petals, the rose petals are farmed into Cream and Rose water which can be used for all sorts of good things. It just goes to show that no matter how much destruction war and conflict can bring, empathy and solution certainly finds a way, check out the tweet click here .

Last but not least, this story puts a big smile on my face and helps me restore faith in our capitalist society. Check out the Water Park designed specifically for children who are in Wheelchairs, its absolutely brilliant, the evidence is seen on their faces on how much fun they are having, you can see the tweet click here .

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What’s Inside Matters!


Do YOU think so? I certainly do, what I have seen since last update has been absolutely heartbreaking and not to mention feelings of sadness, then fortitude. Why do certain sections of our society seem to be very quick to judge refugees(people seeking asylum) and immigrants and where does this crazy fear come from? To separate children from parents for sake of politics that does not serve any purpose other than offending people you have a dislike for e.g Lefties, betrays any kind of empathy or political common sense, not too mention business sense.

Like I mentioned in my previous blogs, capitalism is about keeping the existing rich wealthy and the poor poorer, which gets to answering the question, where does this crazy fear come from? People who experience hardship come up with the best ideas, this is common knowledge. These ideas ae progressive and if funded they help others grow and prosper, hence creating more competition for old business and opportunity for everybody else which means people are less dependent on…………..Capitalism(Old Money).

There are so many growing crowdfunding opportunities and petitions out there on the internet and these opportunities are the very thing that is a threat to old ways. Here are some examples of people who have been prevented from seeking these opportunities, single mother from Brisbane, Bernadette Romulo is about to be torn away from her son by the Australian Government and deported to the Philippines. Click here https://twitter.com/Ljb2Liam/status/1010847996982976512

Priya and Nades were settled in Biloela after fleeing torture and suffering in Sri Lanka. Despite the advice of human right organisations on the ground, our current Government has decided that Sri Lanka is now safe. This is why they are trying to force Priya, Nades and their two beautiful young children back to Sri Lanka. As a result at 5am, their home was stormed by armed police and Border Force officers. Their seven month old baby and two and a half-year old daughters were ripped from their beds. Priya and Nades were told they were being taken to a Melbourne detention centre and given ten minutes to pack up their lives. Click here https://twitter.com/Ljb2Liam/status/1010870562971791360

Ali is 63 years old and not expected to live many more months. He is also a member of the persecuted Hazaran minority and has been formally recognised as a refugee, but today he is lying on a bed in an Australian detention centre on Nauru in pain and discomfort dying from lung cancer.He has one incredibly simple request: to come to Australia and receive some relief from the pain and die with some dignity and comfort. Click here https://twitter.com/Ljb2Liam/status/1010856177599635456

In my book, if a person has empathy, a sense and understanding of what others are feeling, then the gate is open and they can come inside, what’s inside matters.

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Vision and Outcomes.

Sunflower Clouds

It’s fair to say we all have a vision of where we want our life to go, however the outcome isn’t always what we expect it to be. A common error is we expect other people to have the same amount of empathy that we do and are quite offended when they don’t offer the same empathy in return. I’m sure we could all make a long list of examples like this in our own lives, but take a look at whats happening throughout the world, from the horrors that are currently happening in Gaza, check out my live periscope tweet(click here) to the life stories I post from Omeleto, there are 2 that I would like to share, the first is a story of a young woman who grows up in violence and poverty and tries to escape with her new boyfriend who is involved in drug dealing, but she dismisses the criminal activity because they make money and she has that chance of escape, however her vision didn’t meet her preferred outcome, click here  The next story is uniquely Australian, it’s a video documentary of the amazing people you meet in the outback, the characters range from young men who have lost partners to illness, leaving home and school at 14 to get a job through to a Motivational Speaker who quit the city life, click here . Hope that inspired you to take focus and understand we all don’t get our desired outcome but that doesn’t mean we give up on it.

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