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Hump Day Post

Edition 20

While typing this blog, I am currently enjoying a Pepper steak soup with Bacon, Onion and cheese roll, absolutely delicious on a cold night. Can you imagine not even being given access to food, not being toilet trained or even taught how to speak, sadly this is the story of Danielle. While thinking about what to write about for my blog, I was on YouTube looking for Rachel Platten’s Stand by you song, I’m a huge fan of the Fight Song, which is currently in the Basicozbizinfo YouTube Empathy Inspiration Playlist, so I had to give a Rachel a go and hear what the song was like, totally fantastic, with the results of my search, YouTube came up with a video recommendation from Oprah’s OWN channel, “Where are they now – Danielle’s story.

The six-minute video is very inspirational, it shows how the adoptive family who took her in, progressed Danielle’s development, due to her abuse she has become intellectually disabled, however the family still manages to take her to school and give her a normal life even though she only has the mind of a 2-year-old. Amazing, complete strangers who don’t know her at all, were ready to provide such empathy, yet the biological mother couldn’t or I should say wouldn’t even do a fraction of the same. Clearly empathy is more powerful than familiarity or even blood ties, we need empathy and love like we need food, it’s a need for those who have it, very powerful indeed.

“Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you” sings Rachel Platten and when I hear this great verse, I now think of Danielle and believe in how we can inspire ourselves to overcome adversity and a limited empathy.

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Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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